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Abstract Submission guidelines

Please submit your abstract

We invite researchers and young investigators to submit their work for presentation at the TMC Platinum Jubilee ‘A conference of new ideas in cancer: challenging dogmas’. Submitted abstracts must present work based on a novel idea or a contrarian thought challenging the current and existing dogmas in cancer, consistent with the central theme and overall spirit of the conference. The abstracts must be designed to include a clear title, background, methods, results and conclusions. Each abstract should be limited to 300 words. Abstracts may be sent on a word document or pdf.


The corresponding author should preferably be the first author (presenter) of the abstract, unless otherwise noted during submission.
Co-Authors: Names of co-authors and institutions must be provided. Changes will not be made to the spelling of authors' names after the submission deadline.


To submit an abstract, the following criteria are essential:

• The abstract must be written in English and carefully proofread.
• It should address scientific questions, detail clinical observations or contain primary scientific data, consistent with the theme of the conference as describe above.
• Updated analyses will be considered only if the abstract is a significant extension of previously published work. The author must provide an explanation to show how the abstract contains significant new information.
• Emails and word processing files not submitted through the site will not be accepted.
• We would encourage authors to register for the conference as a delegate while submitting their abstracts. Only registered delegates will be allowed to present, should their abstract be accepted.

The abstract will be ineligible for presentation at our TMC Platinum Jubilee celebrations if they submit data, which is already publicly available via major search engines (such as PubMed, Google Scholar, etc).

Categories for Abstract submission

• High Throughput Studies
• Clinical Research
• Basic Cancer Biology
• Others


Authors are required to write an original abstract that fulfills accepted criteria for copyright purposes. By submitting an abstract, authors are granting the TMC permission to publish it in the abstract compilation and to disseminate it electronically. Abstracts must be submitted using the online abstract submission console. If an author chooses to submit information from an abstract that has previously been presented and/or published, all data must be updated, current, and rewritten in a manner that does not infringe on copyright laws. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to include any copyrighted material in their abstract presentations.

Peer review

Authors will undergo a peer review and will be notified about the decision. A majority of the abstracts will be in the form of POSTERS. A few selected abstracts with highest scores will be invited to make an ORAL presentation (8 minutes+2 minutes discussion) in the ‘TOP ABSTRACTS’ session on 28th February 2016 morning.
An email confirming the receipt of the abstract submitted online will be sent to the presenting author. Notification about the decision of acceptance and date and time of presentation (Poster or oral) will be duly notified, as well.


The poster should display the title prominently, text brief and well organized. The text should include the background of the submitted work, methods, results, and conclusions. Illustrations and figures should be simple and eye-catching, with unnecessary details left out.

The size of each poster should be maximum Width 48, Height 36 inches.

Submit your abstract to